River Valley Kennels offers Gun Dog Training for Pointing, Retrieving, and Flushing Dogs.  Hunt Test Campaigning for AKC Senior and Master levels is offered only to Pointing Breeds.  In order to insure that each client and their dog receive the proper amount of training and development, we limit the amount of dogs we train at any given time.  Please make arrangements well in advanced if you are interested in having your dog trained by River Valley Kennels.  Listed below is a brief description of some of the different levels of training that is offered through River Valley Kennels.   Please contact us for additional information or if you would like to reserve a date for training.

Puppy 101
– Is a two week course for dogs under the age of 12 months.  It is a basic introduction course that includes Birds, Gunfire, Socialization, Obedience, Conditioning, and variety of different Hunting Situations.

Bird Dog – is a continuation of Puppy 101.  With this class your dog will be exposed to more advanced Training.  The main emphasis for this class will be Whoa Breaking, Standing Birds until the flush, Honoring, and Retrieving. Some Dogs may require a Trained Retrieved to suit retrieving needs of the client.

Senior/Master – is for clients who are interested in achieving a Senior Hunter or Master Hunter Title for their Dog.    To accomplish this Dogs must demonstrate the ability of Retrieving to Hand; Steady to Wing and Shot and fall, and honoring your Brace mate’s Retrieve to hand.  This must be done through 5 individual AKC Tests for both Senior and Master.   It is a minimum 3-month process for a Senior Hunter Title.


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